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About me:

I am the author of Sir Laurence Dies, Dr Chandrix Dies, and co-author of Revolting Tales (with Todd A Curry). I have a background in human behavioural studies and psychology. Having worked in IT, communications, safety and health, and sales, I gained a good understanding of people and their behaviours.

For many years, I’ve been an avid reader of crime fiction. I took creative writing courses and this fuelled my ambition to publish a character driven crime story in the style of the great Agatha Christie – which I realised in 2013. I love quirky characters such as Rodney David Wingfield's Inspector "Jack" Frost, and Agatha Christie's Poirot, and not forgetting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. The Idea of Dr Pieter Straay, my Dutch Criminal Psychologist, came about by integrating the qualities I admire best in those characters.

Sir Laurence Dies debuted in 2013, and since then it received a 5 star review from Reader’s Favorite. It made the final of Reader’s Favorite 2014 book awards for the Mystery – Sleuth category, and received a Bronze Award.

Dr. Chandrix Dies, the 2nd book in The “Dies” Trilogy, was published in September 2014.

I currently live in Connecticut USA. I love to write and play music, which is another of my passions. I enjoy cooking, hiking, reading in the sun, and I’m currently at school for a degree in psychology. I’m also working on my 3rd Dr Straay novel.